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  • Latest impulses on leadership, digital work & learning cultures, and inclusive future of work
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  • Personal conversations with other leaders about challenges
  • Learning from the mistakes of other leaders and organizations
Exchange. Expert impulses.
Leadership Dialogues Events 2024
26th of April 2024, 1pm to 7pm, in Mannheim 
Admission to the Soraya-Kandan Leadership Community
Exchange with experienced managers
Tangible knowledge on how to change the culture of your organization positively and sustainably
What are your benefits?
Since 2016, Semira regularly invites her customers to the Leadership Dialogues in the Cuban lounge of the Barrios in Mannheim. Here, selected experts share the latest developments in the fields of leadership, digital work & learning cultures, and inclusive future of work.
Leadership Dialogues in Mannheim since 2016 
Years of experience of Soraya-Kandan in Mannheim
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Years of Leadership Dialogues
Events per year. Limited places
Why is it so tricky to truly change a corporate culture? What are the beaten paths that do not work sustainably? What are obstacles, and what are critical success factors? Kristien Weidenmann gives an insight into what she has learned in over 15 years of professional experience.

Kristien Weidenmann heads the department of Culture Development and Purpose Orientation at LH Airlines. As founder of the Change Process Implementation Team and in-house consultant for the Lufthansa Group, she has internally supported and implemented many culture change processes and strategic transformations. Since 1999 she has worked in HR at LH Group in different roles and departments. Her passion is projects and complex topics that trigger significant change.
„From Failure to Success in Culture Change“ with Kristien Weidenmann on April 26, 2024
Kristien Weidemann is Senior Change Lead, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

You will hear what lessons other organizations and leaders have been able to learn. You will learn how to avoid typical mistakes.
Take advantage of this special opportunity for you and your company. Get first-hand expert knowledge and exchange ideas in depth with selected executives from different industries.

Instead of plain slide lectures, you will experience real dialogues here.
Use the in-depth exchange with other managers to your benefit
A unique location: the Barrios Lounge in Mannheim, Germany.

Join us for this unique workshop at the Barrios Lounge in Mannheim, including Cuban dinner and cocktails.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
The Leadership Dialogue is a wonderfully open and modern format for anyone interested in current developments and challenges in the context of leadership. It allows one to dive into the suggestions of the respective expert with a group and, in the process get to know different perspectives and thoughts on the topic through dialogue and direct exchange with the other participants. The event has always been valuable for me so far, and I will gladly come back!

I have been a regular participant in the Leadership Dialogues since 2016. Each time, they provide me with valuable inspiration for my own work, both professionally and personally through the stimulating exchange with the diverse group of participants."

Carsten Härtl, former client (BASF SE) and today consultant in the  Soraya-Kandan network
Constantin Klein, Global Product Lead Microsoft, Syntax Systems GmbH & Co. KG

The Leadership Dialogues are an exciting format for exchanging ideas on highly relevant topics with other executives. Through the input of an expert, theoretical input is not neglected in addition to practical experience. The focus is on a joint exchange, which is why learning from each other is a key success factor of the events."
Nina Lehmann, Project Manager Labor Market and Education, Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar GmbH

Why you should not miss this event?

As a manager, you are responsible for decisions and implementation of measures that directly or indirectly affect cultural change in your organization.

As a manager, this topic appeals to you, and you are responsible for the tasks it entails.
Schedule, April 26, 2024
1pm - 5pm
Welcome: Coffee and lunch bites
Intensive workshop
  • Keynote presentation, interview and Q&A
  • Moderated deep dive in small groups 
5pm - 7pm
Networking over Cuban dinner and cocktails
Reserve one of the limited seats and benefit from expert impulses for your challenges.

Receive a special webinar as a special bonus when registering
 until March 15, 2024.

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